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There is no job too big or too small for our engineers!!

If it’s made from steel, we can bend it, fold it, weld it and bring your vision to life.  Whether starting from scratch or additional modifications we ensure it conforms to the required codes.

Our team of highly skilled and certified engineers go the extra mile.  The energy and creativity they inject into every project is portrayed by our customers satisfaction. “TME is built tough and built to last”.

  • Farming
  • Forestry
  • Custom trailers
  • Modification to your camper-van
  • Structural beams for new builds and renovations
  • Custom fences and gates
  • TME Tuff Trough
  • Any projects in or around the workplace or home
  • We can come to you for onsite jobs and repairs

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Taupo Manufacturing Engineers sell steel at wholesale pricesTaupo Manufacturing Engineers have a wide range of metal for you to buy

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We are the manufacturer of Feeder Leader productsTaupo Manufacturing Engineers manufacture the Feeder Leader products

Feeder Leader products, found on the Feeder Leader website, are made in our purpose built workshop.

Tough and renowned items such as The Boss, The Trail Feeder, The Feedlot Feeder and The Taupo Roller, continue to prove themselves on the farm.

TME products are of the highest quality and are built to last the test of time. Go to the Feeder Leader website and learn all about the Feeder Leader products. Here you will find descriptions, specifications and YouTube videos of all the equipment.

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